Halloween Tricks for Treats

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Halloween Tricks for Treats

Ghouls, Ghosts and…Gingivitis?

Ah, Halloween. The time of year when kids can be whatever they want, have a night with their friends and run around to get some Halloween candy. Yum! Of course, with candy comes the cavities; only if proper dental hygiene isn’t followed! Taylor Family Dentistry wants to share some great tips to not only allow your kids to have a fun and safe Halloween, but also let their teeth stay strong and healthy!

Halloween is a Good Time to Talk to Kids About Sweets and Their Teeth

The Halloween season is a great time to talk to your kids about candy and how it could affect their dental health. Consider sitting down with your kids to have a discussion about how eating too many sweets can lead them to getting cavities. Instead of saying that candy is “unhealthy”, it’s better to tell your children that eating an excessive amount of many foods, including candy, can lead to dental health issues in the future. This will help your kids learn at any early age to choose foods that are less harmful to their teeth, and that there’s nothing with enjoying a bit of candy every so often!

Set a Halloween Treat Time

Treat time will be a great opportunity to teach moderation and education about candy & teeth. By having a set time to indulge in their goodies, kids will look forward to having a relaxing time eating the treats that they love! A very important lesson to teach your kids is that sweets should be eaten in moderation (just like anything else). Also, when children know they have a specific time they can enjoy their goodies, they’re less likely to think about eating candy at other times during the day.

It’s also important to remind your children to brush and floss their teeth after eating goodies. If your child is under the age of 8, you many need to help him or her brush their teeth. After this age, parents should still supervise their kids when brushing to be sure they’re doing a good job. If you make tooth brushing time a fun time for your child, he or she will be more likely to do a good job.

Hopefully these tips will help you encourage your kids to have a safe and healthy Halloween! Taylor Family Dentistry hopes to see you all soon for your checkups!