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Holiday Beverages and Teeth

Enjoy A Few Holiday Spirits This Season Without Damaging Your Teeth We’re in the holiday season, and it’s time to make merry, see friends and family, and enjoy delicious food and drink. But while you are enjoying adult beverages by the fire this season, your teeth could be suffering. Here’s a little look at how

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Taylor Family Dentistry Blog Halloween

Halloween Tricks for Treats

Ghouls, Ghosts and…Gingivitis? Ah, Halloween. The time of year when kids can be whatever they want, have a night with their friends and run around to get some Halloween candy. Yum! Of course, with candy comes the cavities; only if proper dental hygiene isn’t followed! Taylor Family Dentistry wants to share some great tips to

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Can Having a Great Smile Earn More Money?

In 2014 in the Journal of Economic Psychology, the University of California researchers published a study that stated that more attractive people earn as much as 12% more per year than someone who is viewed as unattractive. That is a HUGE difference! When people rank attractiveness, one of the main factors is a person’s smile.

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